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About Tone 30

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    Will you be touring for the release of 'Eccentricities of the Desert'?
  • Not at this time (May, 2022). There are follow-on projects already in the works. Right now, my most important goal is to get more music finished (At least one single will release Fall, 2022, and an EP in 2023). With that said, I would love to do some touring at some point in the future.

    Who are your musical influences?
  • David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) is a huge one, stretching back to my teenage years. John Frusciante (RHCP) as well. Over the last decade, I owe much of my enjoyment in music and desire to create, to Emancipator, Ratatat, Pretty Lights, and Gramatik. While I have a different sound, these are the people who inspire and motivate me. The following playlist is incomplete, but listen to my favorite songs here: JPW Top 50 on Spotify
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Cover: Closer I Get by Rebelution

Cover: Aint No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Cover: Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Studio Gear: Custom Shop Stratocaster and a Pink Floyd Solo (Shine On You Crazy Diamond)

Cover: Axel Foley Theme by Harold Faltermeyer

Studio Gear: Taylor Acoustic Used for Schism Cover

Cover: Schism by TOOL

Thoughts on the process of creating music

Mixing and Mastering Services

Mixing and mastering services available with Tone 30 Productions.

Mixing Rates:

Singles: $150/song
EP (2 to 5 songs): $125/song
Album (6+ songs): $100/song

Mastering Rates:

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